Ahriman was an evil god more ancient than Set the serpent. Ahriman was driven from the universe by the god-kings of Stygia with the power of Set. Spells more powerful than any known in the Age of Conan were established to keep him away.

Great Ahriman was also known as the Lord of Destruction, The Shatterer of Worlds; and was considered a god so evil and terrifying that even the priests of Set had to aid in his banishment. They seemed to fear his return so greatly that all of the temples and sanctuaries of Ahriman were utterly destroyed, every gate through which the unspeakable god might return pulverized and then laid under dread curse.

Ahriman's priests were even more despicable than most. They hailed from a race of lizard-men long thought extinct, and speak in the ancient tongues of their ancestors.

Ahriman was considered the deadly enemy of everyone, gods and men alike.

Sigurd Redbeard was known to curse by the 'bowels' or 'heart' of Ahriman.


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