Age of Conan Editor

Screenshot of ACE

Edit the colors for Age of Conan.

  • Built in support for future Funcom patches.

If Funcom adds new items to the default file, these items are read in and written back out exactly as they were in the default file, but into the custom file. This will keep your file up to date. Any items that it does not use within the program are written back out exactly as Funcom had them, It only has the items the program was designed to change.

So, you can keep using the program and as long as Funcom doesn't change the variable names (and there's no reason they would), this program should continue to work with all future updates to AoC. The versioning is also handled by updating the version to the latest version every time you save the file. So if AoC is updated and the default colors are loaded, just run the program again, click Save, you're good to go again.


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