Miasma: Face Stab - Basic Miasma. Deals damage.

Miasma: Soul Strike - Deals unholy damage and increases targets susceptibility to spiritual damage.

Miasma: Lotus-coated Dart - Throws a dart at the target dealing poison damage over time.

Hostile AbilitiesEdit


Curse of the Lotus - Consumes 2 Soul Fragments. Detonates a Lotus bomb near enemies, causing them to become disoriented and wander for a short period of time.


From the Darkness - Consumes one Soul Fragment. The Assassin leaps from the shadows toward his target, delivering a deadly blow that roots the target.

Death's Gaze - Consumes 2 Soul Fragments. Bends the shadows to instill fear in the enemies, causing them to run in fear.

Vampyric Nature - Consumes 2 Soul Fragments. The Assassin takes upon Vampyric abilities, the ghastly gaze bewitches foes in front of the Assassin.

Friendly AbilitiesEdit

Golden Lotus Extract - Consumes 3 Soul Fragments, reduces Assassin's hate towards target by 25%.


Cat's Paw - Increases evade chance for a short time.

Dull Pain - Consumes 2 Soul Fragments. Reduces magical damage taken by 90% for a short time.

Crystallized Lotus Extract - Inhaling pure Lotus the Assassin instantly gains 3 Soul Fragments.

Kidney Shots - The Assassin's attacks deal additional piercing damage. Stacks up to 5 times.

Lotus Overdose - Inhaling several Lotus essences the Assassin goes mad. Granting immunity to crowd control effects and increasing damage done and regenerating stamina.


Spirit of Nightfall - Reduces the Assassin's have level against the current target.

Accelerated - Consumes 2 Soul Fragments. Increases the Assassin's movement speed by 45% for a short time.

Necrotic Empowerment - Causes the Assassin to generate 4 Soul Fragments over 16 seconds.

Avatar of Death - Consumes 4 Soul Fragments. Embraces the Shadows gaining Vampiric powers. Granting immunity to crowd control effects, and causing attacks to siphon stamina and health.

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