Blood Rage - Increases life regeneration and slightly increaes damage done. Stacks up to 10 times, feated to 15.

Reaver - Increases damage done. Stacks up to 10 times, feated to 15.

Friendly AbilitiesEdit


Eyes of Madness - Decreases threat on all foes around the Barbarian.

Blood Fury - Increases Critical Strike rating and Combat Rating. Consumes 5 stacks of Blood Rage.

Swarm Fighter - Passively increases melee damage. Heals the Barbarian for every minion near, can occur once a minute.

Rampaging Horde - Increases damage based on the number if allies near the Barbarian. Also increases allies damage a small bit.

Thirst for Blood - The Barbarian and his allies enter a blood rage. Increasing damage done, health regeneration, and stamina regeneration. Stacks up to 6 times.


Predatory Instincts - Increases evade chance and stamina regeneration for a short time.

Haste - Increases movement speed and weapon damage for a short time.

Too Many to Count - Gains increased damage for each enemy around the Barbarian.

Savage Fury - Increases the damage done by the Barbarian and his allies. Requires 10 or more stacks of Reaver

Back in the Fray - Increases evade and immunity stance. Also regenerates health.

Unstable Mind - Removes and grants immunity to crowd control effects for 3 seconds.

Armageddon Falls - The Barbarian's attacks curse the target, causing them to take additional slashing damage when struck in combat.

Hostile AbilitiesEdit


No Escape - The Barbarian throws his weapon at a fleeing opponent, causing massive damage and stunning them. Disarms Barbarian temporarily.

Finishing Blow - A powerful attack that can only be used after knocking back an opponent.


Blitz - The Barbarian charges the target dealing damage.

Overpower - Offhand attacks can trigger Overpower. Overpower deals damage proportional to your Reaver stance stack. Frontal cone damage.

Impale - The Barbarian's next attack strikes with both weapons, inflicting a bleeding wound from each weapon.

Dance of Death - Becoming a whirlwind of death, all of the Barbarian's attacks strike all nearby opponents.

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