It is known that Abdashtarth was the archpriest of the cult of Pteor. He was in Asgalun when Akhirom ordered him to abjure. In the past he sacrificed thousands of men, women and children to Pteor. Through his deep faith he gained many followers and so he refused the King, knowing well that he would be martered for opposing the divine right of the king. His iron faith bound him and in his ranting he claimed the King was mad and not a god. The Anaki soldiers escorted the subdued yet raving Abdashtarth to the Temple of Pteor which had been set ablaze by the Anaki. Under orders they threw him upon the flames of his once great sepulcher. His death roused the people who rebelled against the Anaki and the King Akhirom.

Source(s): marvunapp

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