A Name to Die For
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory Tortage Island
Quest Starts At Donus
Quest Ends At Donus
Minimum Level 6

Objective/s • Kill Filthy Pirates (0/3)

Overview Edit

This quest can be obtained by speaking to Donus at the bottom of a ramp on the left side as you enter the city gates. This quest can be a little tough at lower levels so hold on to it for a few levels and then come back to it.

Previous Quest: None

Next Quest: None

Related areas:

I. A Dying Town Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Filthy Pirates (0/3)

Journal Entry Edit

A beggar told me how he used to be a wealthy merchant. After Strom enforced the blockade to force the resistance out in the open, most trade stopped and Donus became a simple beggar. He wants things to be the way they were and give the Red Hand guards names of people he believes are helping the resistance. Now someone has threatened to name him as an insurgent and he wants to see them dead. He fears for his life and asked me to kill the Filthy Pirates in the poor district, down by the harbor, north of the Keep.

Reward Edit

XP: 0

Money: 0

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